Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bucks For Bella

Ladies and gentlemen, rev up your engines and let the buying begin, raffle ticket buying that is. The goal of this raffle is to raise money for Bella Marie's medical expenses. Ms. Bella came into this world on March 12, 2009 and made her introduction to her kinfolk and blog family. Since then, she has been at the hospital growing by leaps and bounds. We want this raffle to reflect a portion of our love for Bella and her family.Here is how you can help. Check out the goodies and buy as many raffle tickets as you like. Raffle tickets will be on sale today through May 30th. Remember, the more tickets you buy the better your chances are of winning. The tickets can be bought off the Junk Sistas blog and payment must be received before your name is thrown into the hat. Then, after June 1st, the winning raffle tickets will be drawn by and matched to the prize associated with the number drawn. The winners will be posted on Junk Sistas.
All proceeds will go to Ms. Bella’s family for her medical expenses. If you win an item, the person donating the item will be given your contact information, and will ship the item directly to you.Thank you for all your help and support.

1. Talking Trash
Tenderloin Dinner.....................$17.95
Slice of Buttermilk Pie..............$ 6.50
Bottle of Shiner's Beer..............$ 3.00

Dinner with Cat Daddy...............Priceless

3. M2
2 Hats Donated by Charlie 1 Horse
YELLOW BOX Flip Flops donated by Razzal Dazzal of Kaufman
Pink chandelier tee with crystals sizes XS-L
Mother Mary Cross

4. Junk Gypsy’s
Earth JUNK GYPSY Tote Bag
Bottle Cap Cowgirl Cross

$30 Gift Certificate

6.Mlle Magpie

drawstring from vintage and antique French fabrics
Un petit ballotin de lavande de Provence -- a lavender sachet
Three vintage French books from the early 40's

7.The French Cupboard
$30 Gift Certificate

8.Vintage Patina
Vintage Baby Bundle

Glass & Iron Vase

11.Laurie Anna’s Vintage Home
Burlap Bolster with Vintage French Script

12.Vintage Rescue Squad
Cigar Box filled with ephemera & assorted vintage goodies

13.Cottage Way of Life
Custom Designed Necklace

14.Talk Sweet Talk
Variety Gift Tag Set of 6

15.La Rustique Market
Silver Collar with Cross Pendant

16.Willow Nets
$25 Gift Certificate

17.Patina Green
Handmade birdcage, w/ nest and handmade bird

18.YaYa Chique
“Spoonful of Sweetness”

19.One Gal’s Trash
2 Vintage Paint By Numbers

20.Bluegate Blog
Custom Fork Chandelier

21.Junk Revolution
Junk Queen Necklace

22.Curious Goods
$25 Gift Certificate

23.Junk Palace
$25 Gift Certificate

24.Sweet Pea
Secret Leave Scrap Journal
Cathy Penton beveled charm & French Bath Salt

25.Dream in Cream
Glass apothecary Jar filled with 15 Vintage Doilies

26.Bella Shabby
Adorable Quilted Purse

27.Coleens Reflections
“Alpha-Bits” letter B &
Storybook Cottage

28.Primitiques ‘n Poetry
Denim Bling Bracelet

29.Junkology 101
1920’s Shabby Doll head

30.Lisa’s RetroStlye
Lovely blue

32.The Sweet Gardenia
Vintage train case filled to the Brim w/Vintage finds

33.French Lique
Wind chime

34.Deb Taylor
Original photography Note Cards set of 10

35.WhisperWood Cottage
Vintage Deli paper dispenser

Set of Vintage Texas coasters

38.THE GIRLS at Moonlight Hallow
Southwest necklace & matching earrings
Chunky Black LOVE bracelet
White metal ornate Bracelet
10 Original Greeting Cards w/envelopes

Mary Engelbreit Tablecloth & Cherry Apron

Texas Start Quilt &
LuLu Original Bracelet
“Junk Necklace” designed by Lauri

41.Everything Vintage
Vintage velvet ribbon imported from Switzerland,
3sheets 1915 Ladies’ Home Journal
& 12 sheets from vintage ledger

42.Trailer Trash
Boots for Bella & Custom Necklace

43.Maison Douce
Handmade Shoulder Bag

44.The Texas Woman
A Toby Keith Felt Hat, size small/medium

45.Margo’s Junkin’ Journal
Vintage escutcheon plate pin
Texas watch earrings
Vintage flatware Bracelet

46.Urban Farmhouse
Beautiful 15” Egg Wreath

47.Unique Unique Design
large chunky acrylic star on a silver chain
mercury glass style bracelet
rhinestone tape measure
& pink leather case for your business cards

Also, Thank You to :

48. The Gypsy Chix from Silt, Colorado
50x57 Primitive Quilt hand sewn & Amber Wissing Custom Buckle

Raffle information.
Raffle will close on May 30th .

On June 1, 2009 I will use Random Org. to randomly draw names.
Once names are drawn, the donators will be given the name and contact information of the winner or winners to ship the items to them. PLEASE be aware that donators have taking responsibility for shipping the items.
On June 2, the total amount will be announce and given to the family.


  1. Holy Cow! Amy and Theresa! Had you any idea when you started this what a slam bang hit it would be? It's a hit. The money is going to fly into that paypal account! In fact, I am on my way there right now to get my raffle tickets. Congrats to all of the participants for being a part of this magic. For the love of Bella and her peeps...


  2. All those prizes are just sooooooo fabulous! Wow - the Junk Sistas are amazing!

  3. Yes they are. I'll be back to say more later. I've got to go have a "Laurie Come Apart", but in a good way.

  4. What awesome stuff! The Junk Sistas rock!


  5. What lovely items and lovely givers too! So great you're doing this ;)

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  7. Just bought a raffle ticket and posted this wonderful fundraiser to my blog. Best wishes for Baby Bella and this amazing Raffle. Junk Sista's Unite is right!

  8. Wow! What awesome items and for such a good cause. Baby Bella is such a precious gift! Bella and her family are in my prayers! I bought a ticket!

  9. Junk Sistas come together! I wish I had known about Bella sooner, I would've donated something too. I bought a ticket and posted about it on my blog. Very best wishes for Bella and family.

  10. Gee I wish I had seen this earlier....I would have posted about it. I still can, but not sure how much notice will be taken between today and May 30. I will twitter it too.
    Have a most beautiful day....

  11. I must be denser than a slab of oak

    I can't find a link to take me to the raffle purchase site